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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kindness Campaigns are Cool!

After ten years of teaching, the one thing I have done consistently year after year is to help kids identify as "Kind Kids". I have found that teaching kids about kindness, helping them to be successful at being kind, and by holding them accountable for kindness has been instrumental in building a strong community of learners that are supportive, tolerant, and they are able to navigate friendships with greater empathy. It is not uncommon to hear me say, "Try that again with a kind heart, kind words and/or kind face." In my classroom, I want to help kids realize that kindness is not just in words, but in our actions.

The Kindness Tree Activity is a fun way to build the momentum for spreading kindness. This year, I kicked off a 30-Day Kindness Challenge and asked one student to manage our daily goal and record it on a sticky note. I also invited students to design and construct a Kindness Tree for our door. I find the more that students are involved in the process, the more they own it.

Great Resource:

Random Acts of Kindness Organization has an amazing resource for teachers. I am currently using the teacher guide to teach my weekly "Kindness Club".

Song: Check out this "catchy" and uplifting song about kindness!
Kind-Hearted Hand was written by Peter Seltser, a visionary artist who believes in a better world. The song was performed by the children of KIDS for PEACE, a global non-profit that is working to uplift our world through love and action.

Books to Support Kindness:

Halloween Poems

Halloween Poems
Perfect for Fluency Practice

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