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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Leaves Falling Down...

Leaves are falling down, quickly. I always feel like a kid when I see all the beautiful leaves on the ground. I can't stop searching for the "perfect" leaf as there are just too many pretty, bright colored leaves. Just when you think you found the perfect leaf, you see another one that is even more amazing than the last one! As a classroom teacher, I try to get my kiddos outside as much as possible. Recently, I took my kiddos on two sensory hikes, we collected leaves for a sorting and graphing activity, and just completed a grandparents' day activity to decorate our hallway bulletin board with multi-colored leaf wreaths that corresponded to one of our Autumn poems. I think it provides a great visual, it is festive, and it was a hands-on experience that was engaging and fun for the students (including me)! ! Happy Trails. Beth
*credit given to my fabulous teaching partner for her collaboration on this project (and her neat printing on the sentence strips!) 

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Halloween Poems
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