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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to School...Already?

Happy Back to School! It is hard to believe that it is time to start back up. Didn't school just get out? If you are like me, you never really stopped thinking about teaching, planning, purchasing cute stuff, and stressing out about the upcoming year. I have been busy creating custom job cards for teachers through my store on TpT. It has been really fun to customize jobs for teachers. I know how important it is to have jobs that help support your community and it was a challenge for me to create a set of job cards that could be used by many teachers. I didn't realize how popular it would be to offer an option to customize them for individual teachers. If you are interested in having a custom job card set made for you, feel free to email me at to inquire about purchasing a set for your classroom! May all of you fabulous teachers have an amazing start to the year. We ALL work really hard to make a difference in the life of children. I feel so lucky to work in a profession with passionate and dedicated individuals that make many personal sacrifices to be the best teacher they can be. We need to stick together and keep our heads held high. We are doing a GREAT job! Happy trails.

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