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Monday, April 29, 2013

Mother's Day Science Craft- I Love You With Every Hair On My Head!

A Sweet Idea for a Mother's Day gift! This fun and hands-on science activity will be a hit in your classroom. I have done it every year and both kids and moms love it. All you need is a plastic cup/container, grass seed, soil, a photo of each student, water and sunshine! Students plant grass seeds and grow grass to look like "hair" and when the grass gets super long it is time to place a photo of the student's face on the container! The tag line that goes with the gift is, "I love you with every hair on my head!" couldn't find a photo from last year, so I have one of me as an example! My kiddos have them growing in our class greenhouse right now. Grass grows super-fast so you have time to still make this happen. It is pretty cheap to do about $20.00 and is priceless as your kids get to nurture and pour love into their plants and how sweet that they give it away as a gift! Check out my TpT store for the complete resource. Happy Trails! >

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