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Friday, November 9, 2012

Counting 10's with Crabs!

We have stared our sea creature unit in math. We are counting crab legs by 10's and next week it will be starfish by 5's!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

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I Survived Halloween! Did you?

Halloween week is over! The bats, spider webs, ghosts and pumpkins are all put in a bin for next year. I am officially exhausted and I am now reflecting on what went well and what I will do differently next year. I put a lot of emphasis on incorportating more "brain breaks" to support classroom management! I felt that his went well and made the day fun for all!

This year, I had tremendous amount of parent support (which is a beautiful thing!) I couldn't believe all the things we accomplished in this hectic and jammed packed week of events! Some of the skills that I managed to squeeze in on Halloween were: graphing, tally marking, fact fluency, story problems, patterning, sorting, vocabulary work, and we even illustrated a self-portrait of ourselves in our costumes and wrote a descriptive writing piece about our costumes. I believe in the power of thematic teaching and by connecting math, reading and writing to Halloween made it not only fun but it was relevant and engaging!!!

Oh and we read a cute mummy story called "Little Mummy, Little Mummy" from Cherry Carl's website and made our own little mummy cups for candy. I got that idea from "spoonfuls" and it was not only easy but a cute connection to the story.

Have a restful weekend.

Happy Trails,


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Halloween Poems
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