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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Clean Desk! How to motivate first graders to be organized!

Well, I am dusting off the "Clean Desk Fairy" and inviting her to visit my classroom this week. I love to tap into my students' imagination and have her visit once a week as a way to motivate students to be responsible for organizing and keeping track of their materials, folders and papers. This year is a little trickier as my students don't have "desks". However, they do have table baskets and file containers where their materials are stored. I left on Friday thinking..."It is time to have a visit from the TCDF! I have found that just the recognition and note seem to do the trick. However, I might leave a holiday pencil the first few times she visits.

Check out the FREEBIE link for the downloadable notes I use and a letter written from TCDF! I have learned not to type up all notes to help keep them from doubting the validity of the fairy!! 

Happy Monday and here is to a great week!


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